Mr. Lee’s Talk – July 20, 2011

Good Evening. I am very happy that we all can once again gather here to offer congratulations to and to recognize those who have accomplished.

Ladies and Gentlemen, parents, teachers, and principal:

I am an educator. The principal is an educator. Our teachers are educators. Moms and Dads are educators. You are educators. But do you know that we are more than an educator? We are also the resources preservation worker. It is because the children’s future is the replenishing resources.

We are preserving such resources everyday by just doing whatever we have been doing in our daily living. I see a father motivating his toddler to walk around the park and play with him intimately on the side benches after the walk, I see resources. I see a mother giving supportive effort for her child playing on the field by yelling ‘Go, you can do it.’ a far distance from across the grass field without breaking for breath while caring for her baby, I see resources. I see a coach prep talking to a group of very small children for a game of soccer, I see resources. I see two teenage girl players who are already playing in a match on the field exchange supportive and comforting comments when one player kicks the ball outside the boundary, I see resources. I see happiness on everyone’s face, adults and children, I see resources. I see a man explaining how would the dirt and grass on the field affect the speed of the ball, I see resources. I see non-stop of motivating yelling from the sideline while the matches are being played, I see resources. I see our teachers teaching your young children persistently every day, I see resources. And I am sure that these are all the usual happenings that you and I will always see around us every day.

In order to make sure the children’s future can be preserved as replenishing resources, we need also to believe in ‘First 5 education’ and sustain quality school environment and atmosphere nurturing. ‘First 5 education’ helps the very young early learners set the firm fundamentals like developing positive attitude on learning and building confidence in reaching accomplishment in their beginning journey of education. Just as importantly, It is almost necessary that a very young early learner to be nurtured in a highly disciplined quality kindergarten.

Everyone here at Jordan Pak Hoi kindergarten strives for as both educator and resources preservation worker every day; that’s what we have been and will continue maintaining in our school from here onward.

As I am always emotional about every child who is leaving us today embarking to the exciting journey of education every year, that’s why 5 years ago I have already decided that I would give a memorabilia packet to each year’s graduating child. This memorabilia would contain the precious child growth captured during the 3 years and I insisted that each graduating child’s memorabilia is hand made by me.

I have also hand-made the souvenir for each of our school’s child attending tonight’s graduation ceremony. In order to promote the ‘A Good Child’ program, this year’s souvenir has additional special meanings, it is a Value Card. The card has the child’s picture and a ‘value’ element hoping to encourage the child to become a better child. Children are motivated to collect more of these Value Cards during their time with the school. I will inform all of you about this program in detail later in the next school year. Please collect your Value Card as you leave after the ceremony. I ask everyone to stay until the end of the ceremony.

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