We are all the same.

   We treat each child the same. We treat each child with the same care and attention, the same preference and desire, and the same love and affection. We make sure each is treated indifferently than the other because it is the ONLY way to teach and love each child for a healthy growth.

   When the children are in school, we make all kinds of learning arrangements for each child base on the particular child’s strength, weakness, and characteristics. This is customized teaching but not prejudice.

   The languages used to teach and to communicate to children are Chinese and English, and body language as well; the main idea is to truly communicate with children to establish trust and comfort with them. It is the fact that both the Chinese and English languages are new to each young pre-school child when starting preschool, as it will only be more confusing and creating increasingly hardship for each young pre-school child to begin learning language communication with Chinese and English inter-changeably; therefore, the daily schooling teaching and communicating spoken language is on Chinese supplemented with English and/or on English supplemented with Chinese depending on the language background of the child. As the mostly used language in Hong Kong is Chinese, we teach young children English as a second language for the additional English learning ability as we are living in Hong Kong where the main spoken language is Chinese. Since we are talking about early childhood education which is all about teaching and helping very young children learn and grow, body language is even part of the daily communication tool. As we emphasize on a language balance learning program, each child is spending the same amount of time learning English, Chinese, and Putonghua.

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