Learning English at Jordan Pak Hoi Kindergarten

   You may have already known but we would like to reiterate that teaching our pre-school young children English is our core main concern and we have already incorporated emphasis on English learning in children’s daily learning.

   Here are what we have been doing reinforcing the daily English learning for your children at our kindergarten:

1) Various English targeted activities –

  • Book reading
  • Story reading
  • Poem reciting with memorization
  • Drama character reciting with memorization
  • Vocabulary Flash Cards to recognize words and learn them
  • Draw and Write
  • English songs singing
  • Internet educational English games
  • English conversation situation games

2) We have worked hard to create the atmosphere at our school so that the children regardless of their ethnic background could be exposed to a more natural English learning environment to learn English daily.

3) We encourage children constantly to learn English by establishing strong communication with them.

   We believe the English learning process especially for young children at pre-school will take time so that children can begin their first ever learning positively instead of pressuring them to start learning forcibly.

We need parents’ help in your children’s English learning process; parents need to help with patience and showing to your children that you are being helpful to them, you have  the understanding on them, and you are always being supportive for them.

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